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    Frequently asked questions

    We put together health articles that are medically reviewed by doctors so that you get up-to-date, accurate information that’s relevant for Indian women. Along with this, we give a safe space for women like you to share your own health stories and connect with a female community going through similar personal journeys.

    No. This app is not meant to replace in-person care, especially for life-threatening health concerns. Doctors on the platform can assist you with non-acute health issues that can be addressed through online consultations in the form of phone/video calls, messages, and sharing of photos and medical files. In case of an emergency, please head to a hospital or call an ambulance.

    Our doctors and health professionals will provide qualified medical advice on your health issues and advise you on next steps, which may include getting further tests and screenings, writing a prescription, providing counselling services, or offering lifestyle tips. The scope of care will be at the sole discretion of the doctor who will determine whether or not the condition being diagnosed and/or treated is appropriate for an online consultation.

    We make sure all your information and consultations are completely private and confidential. We comply with industry standards to ensure your data is secured with 256-bit encryption. Our doctors are selected and trained to respect your choices and protect your identity. Furthermore, you can anonymously post your own real experiences and comment on articles.

    We offer holistic, progressive women’s health care across different specialties. Some of the doctors and health professionals on our platform include: gynaecologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists, dermatologists, dieticians & nutritionists, general physicians, and sexologists.