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Terms and Conditions

Our Mission

Transform women’s health in India and create large-scale social impact by:

  • Empowering women across all life stages to take control of their physical and mental health

  • Improving health through better access and focus on preventive care, early diagnosis, and predictive analytics for patients on our platform

  • Educating the masses on holistic women’s health needs

  • Increasing provider capacity and training & enable them to offer a best-in-class standard of care for our patients

Our Values

  • Better health for women creates a better future for all

  • Healthcare should be accessible, holistic, and personalised for the needs of the modern day


  • Technology will be our enabler and our people will be our strength

  • We aim to create scalable and sustainable social change

Our Team

The Veera Health team brings deep clinical, business, and technology experience, and a collective passion for creating social impact 

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